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Flow Studies Vol. 2 with Russian Studies Companion CDs

This is a companion 2 CD set that accompanies our Vincent Cichowicz-Flow Studies Volume Two with Russian Studies Book. It contains recordings of 38 of the 53 Flow Stduies and Russian Studies from the old Northwestern syllabus, which are all updated in our third and final Vincent Cichowicz book. Again, this is ideal for those trumpet players out there who still use the old syllabus, but would like to hear examples of my father’s students playing the etudes. The CD features performances by former Vincent Cichowicz students Neal Berntsen, Larry Black, Bruce Briney, Barbara Butler, Charley Butler, Charles Daval, Robert Dorer, Charlie Geyer, Kevin Hartman, Mark Hughes, Larry Knoop, Jeff Korak, Rex Richardson, Judy Saxton, Dave Vonderheide, Robert Walp & Eric Yates. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!

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